I interpret Legacy Voice as the greatest expression of a person in the way he or she shows up in the world that conveys powerful, positive, and credible impressions to the minds of others that inspire them to find their own voice.


In essence, Your Legacy Voice is writing and then living your overcoming testimony.


  • It’s coming out of hiding to do what you were really created to do.
  • It’s saying yes to you and being for you.
  • It’s living in integrity with you and others even when it hurts.
  • It’s letting go of what’s not serving you, so you can possess your real possessions waiting for you in a place you’ve never been before called transformation.
  • Your Legacy Voice is embracing a new definition of abundance that’s right NOW where you are.


If that’s the person you aspire to be, then I congratulate you on being for you. There is no shame in the game when you stand up for you. Your self-care makes you an even more powerful caregiver. Let’s take this journey together.