Some things were meant to be forever or until you say when, right?

Well, happily ever after is for fairy tales. The reality is that we live in a world of one night stands, quick fixes, revolving door relationships and jobs that are moved for more money. When you are a solid person who likes to put down roots and work the land until it produces, you are a rare breed. You expect to get the harvest at the end of the season or perhaps two or three seasons of love labor depending on how long it takes for something to take to your soil and grow to produce a sufficient yield.

But life doesn’t work that way when you say, “I do,” and mean it, but your spouse says, “I do” but don’t. How long do you keep sowing and never reaping? How many times do you forgive? After 25 years of hoping and tending dry, cracked soil with sweat and tears, the ultimate slap in the face is when he says, “I want a divorce.”

What? Wait! That should have been my line when I think about all the years that I wanted to give up, walk away and cut my losses. Something in you wants a return at that moment more than at any other time. You want to say good bye on your own terms.

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