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Email Safety Performance Support Tool

Infographic Module 1 of 3 Learning Objective: Learners will be able to perform a two-part mindful approach to handling all email received with 100% accuracy, so that they are able to slow down, apply a focused response to every email,… Continue Reading →

Don’t Waste The Power Of Your Journey…

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I wrote this post after reflecting on the power of my saying, “Yes,” as a participating author of the Tear The Veil book. In looking back, that decision was the real beginning of my journey to mental-wellbeing. Why? Because I was intentional in speaking out loud and not just in the pages of my personal journal. I learned that there is more power in a chorus of voices speaking a harmony of healing!

Power to your well-being!

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Are You Living Your Duty Or Destiny?

As children, we dream about what we want to be when we grow up. Then, we grow up and sometimes stop dreaming or only dream. We raise children, take jobs, or do a myriad of things that do not resemble… Continue Reading →

From My Legacy Voice: Learning The Gift Of Goodbye

Some things were meant to be forever or until you say when, right? Well, happily ever after is for fairy tales. The reality is that we live in a world of one night stands, quick fixes, revolving door relationships and… Continue Reading →

Get Going! People are Waiting for You to Find Your Purpose

Dreaming is easy. It doesn’t take much effort to sit and think about your life being different—even if you copy the scenes from TV or someone else’s life. The hard part is often coming to an understanding of who God… Continue Reading →

What is Your Legacy Voice?

I interpret Legacy Voice as the greatest expression of a person in the way he or she shows up in the world that conveys powerful, positive, and credible impressions to the minds of others that inspire them to find their… Continue Reading →

Life’s Vantage Zone

The Power of Conviction Comes to Uproot Those Who Put Down Roots in Bankrupt Places How dare I wait until I get it perfect when people who need my transparency in the journey could be healed as I go. I repent… Continue Reading →

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