We seek to inspire, edify, uplift and restore hope through positive words and expressions that help you to make your life speak of the legacy that you want to leave.

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Your Legacy Voice: calls you out of hiding to awaken the treasure of you and the gifts you were meant to share with the world. Readers are challenged to find abundance in the places of their trouble and find and recover the highest expression of who they are while they are in the throes of the abandonment, heartache, rejection, and other deep wounds inflicted by unavailable love and one-sided relationships.

Your Legacy Voice: Prelude To Your Breakthrough challenges you to heal free, stop hiding and stop withholding, so that you are able to give the best of you for those who are still waiting on you to pull through and for those who will benefit from your success testimony when they hear your legacy voice.


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From Tongue, To Ear, To Heart: So Says the Wise is a collection of over 300 of my mother’s most memorable scriptures, adages and other old sayings. These seeds of wisdom, planted by her voice, continue to sprout enlightening thoughts that illuminate and guide my feet to the path on which the wise walk.