I'm A Fearless Visionary!

Tearing The Veil is to tell the truth on you. To overcome obstacles, live your life at its highest advantage, and boldly share the gift of you to benefit others takes courage. As a Fearless Visionary, I invite those who desire to heal on this journey with me to uncover the greater "YOU" --The authentic winner you were always meant to be. I'm honored to hold a space for you to be BOLD, stop playing small, break through fears, tear the veil on trauma, abuse and a life of stress and strife.

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Author of several books - In my new book, Fearless Visionaries: Tear The Veil, I'm a co-author of a book of missions along with 17 amazing women. My chapter - I Aborted An Unfaithful Marriage. I'm Not A Quitter - I Just Choose To Rescue Me shares the day that changed my life to save my life. Other books include: "From Tongue, To Ear, To Heart, So Says the Wise," a book of mother wit containing over 300 adages, old sayings and Bible scriptures that my mother used to train us in all matters of life. My second book, "Your Legacy Voice: The Prelude To Your Breakthrough," inspires you to shift your perspective in setbacks so you find the setup for your breakthrough into your purpose.


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We face many challenges in life. How we break through and who we become on the other side of it is key to happiness and success. I encourage you not to lose yourself in life shifts, but rather rediscover who you really are and get clear on your purpose. Let's connect to help you get YOU back and moving forward. Follow me on www.Periscope.tv/@ramonaspeaks2 and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ramona.jones.988 for inspiration, motivation and transformation


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Resources, inspiration and more are waiting for you! I journeyed through Post Infidelity Stress Disorder (PISD) and have found healing. My journey continues as I learn more about mental health and build mental wellness in my own life. I'm not on this journey alone. I have my Fearless Visionary sisters and our growing community. Will you join us? You are sure to hear a story that touches where you may be or want to go. We are waiting for you! https://www.facebook.com/groups/fearlessvisionariescommunity


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Are you coach-able? Do you have a hard time applying what you know to get the results that you desire? Are you always looking for the right fit for the change you want? Are you tired of running in circles and chasing dreams you can't seem to hold? Take some time and learn more about the coaching relationship and whether the accountability of having someone walk with you through life - to pull the answer out of you to what you need most and to encourage you to do the work is a valuable investment for your future success. I've been where you are. Let's do this together.